The Answer to Everything by Elyse Friedman

"And it's hard to stay positive...all the food we eat is genetically modified and the companies don't care if we get cancer so long as they can make more money and put the real farmers out of business. And about how all the bees are dying from pesticides, so there won't be any food in the future anyways, and forget fish because the oceans are full of oils spills and the chemicals to get rid of it and nuclear waste from Japan, which is making all the fish toxic and all the shrimp deformed in the Gulf of Mexico. He said there's a garbage dump of plastic water bottles in the middle of the ocean that's bigger than an entire nation. I don't know if I believe that one. I mean, why would they end up all together in one spot? And then yesterday he was saying how the USA is releasing killer viruses in China to test them as weapons, like a special bird flu that will end up here because even Chinese from remote villages fly to Toronto quite often. And he was going on about antibiotics that don't work anymore and how, if you go to the hospital just to get stitches, you'll end up dying from germs they can't cure that are starting to spread into gyms and the subway, on the poles and such. Then he said it won't matter anyhow since the Arctic ice is melting and underneath is the same poisonous gas that killed the dinosaurs, and all the humans are going to die out much sooner than scientists thought."