during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present by Brandon Scott Gorrell

holding a tiny dixie cup in my hand makes me feel like a giant human being that can crush things

i was in my bedroom silently freaking out while staring at a computer screen

i lay down on my bed and got up and lay down on my bed and got up

the highway overpass brought me an intense fear and put it into my brain after going through my eyes

i looked for a plastic thing for two hours

i wanted to take a picture of myself with a sad facial expression and then i took three and i had an angry facial expression in them

in some strange communication my roommate called me a name and asked me where his lunch was and i didn't know what to say to him and he asked me if i was taking a vow of silence today and i said no and i whispered i am not taking a vow of silence today

someone sent me a picture of a poster of a lost dog on a telephone pole in a dark place and i felt sad

i walked around with no aim and after awhile i could not remember having left my house and then i remembered and went home 

there was old coffee and a novel and some cigarettes on my desk and i was intellectual and beautiful