Em and the Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto

"'I don't think you'll ever understand how challenging the city can be for a boy from a village. You don't know anything about it. You don't know if you buy your ticket before or after you get onto the train. You don't know if you can go into a mosque or not. You don't know if the man holding out the booklets is offering them free or is selling them. You don't know why a stranger is smiling at you from the next park bench.'
'Wouldn't that make you want to run away from it all?'
'That's where pride comes in, and stubbornness. The city is a challenge but it's a challenge that doesn't care either way. If you go home, it won't jeer, it just won't notice. You can stay and work hard and make something of yourself and it still won't notice. But you will know.'"