Lost in the Memory Palace

Lost in the Memory Palace features 7 mixed-media environments by Canadian artists and partners Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.

The Killing Machine (2007) lasts only five minutes but it’s easily the most frightening space/experience in the show, as menacing robots whirl, twirl and probe like over what seems to be a dentist’s chair covered with a flossy fabric and restraining straps.

"When we were working on The Killing Machine, we were reading Kafka and were being exposed in all the media to the Iraq War and the torture at Abu Ghraib and there was Errol Morris’s film about [Mr.] Death. In fact, we had the title before we had any of the structure. ”

“And,” chimed Cardiff, “when we made the robots, we realized all of sudden they were kind of like dancers so, basically, George and I choreographed the computer and the movements.”

Observed Bures Miller: “One of the reasons we use sound so much is because we know how it bypasses our intellectual filters and gets right into the soul of somebody."

To August 18 at the AGO