Book Art & Decor

Artist Robert The cuts gun-shaped sculptures out of books.  Disconcerting and witty, this particular gun book  "reinforces McLuhan’s theory that technology shapes our understanding by making the book’s contents literally unreadable, but also offers up a paranoic critique of McLuhan’s mediated society".

Texan Cara Barer photographs curled, crinkled books edges against black backgrounds. She got the idea after seeing a wet Yellow Pages lying on the ground.  


Richard Wentworth suspends books and furniture from gallery ceilings using iron and steel cable. Wentworth says he is "drawn to imaginative displacements of common objects."

Ruche's spring catalogue features a collage-wallpaper hybrid made of yellowed book pages.

End tables made from repurposed books are available on Etsy.

More ideas for decorating with books here.