Publishing Behind-the-Scenes: Typesetting a Manuscript

Further to a blog I posted this week over at TNB about typesetting, here's a visual comparison of a story as it was submitted to me, then the same story after being edited and typeset.

Original Submission in MS Word (with editing notes):

After Being Edited & Typeset in QuarkXpress:

A typesetter makes text uniform by justifying paragraphs, controlling tracking (adjusting space between words/lines) and also by tweaking margins where necessary. Editing for clarity and style is where the main magic happens, but typesetting gives a text immediate legitimacy, before content is even processsed.   

I recently edited, typeset and contributed to a new anthology of work

Typesetting is a fairly obscure part of the manuscript production process. But it's indispensable and not going anywhere: even e-books will still need typesetting.